Monday, January 20, 2014

Fun Facts: Super Bowl

The Broncos will be wearing orange jerseys in the Super Bowl. In previous Super Bowls the Broncos are 0-3 wearing orange jerseys.

The Broncos are the first Super Bowl team to wear one color jersey (orange), then wear a second colored jersey (navy), then wear the first color jersey again.

This is the 11th Super Bowl in which neither team’s helmet logo contains any letters of the alphabet.

The Broncos are the only team to play in different Super Bowls with and without letters in their helmet logos.

Peyton’s #18 and Wilson’s #3 represent the largest numerical difference between numbers worn by Super Bowl starting QBs. Previous record was SB2 (Starr #15 and Lamonica #3).

QB’s wearing a double-digit number are 12-10 in Super Bowl games against QB’s wearing single-digit numbers. The Falcons own one of the ten losses (Chandler #12 vs. Elway #7).

NOTE: These fun fact were stolen from Monday’s Uni-Watch blog post.

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