Thursday, January 16, 2014

Talking to Tommy

Interesting Tuesday evening. Took Reid to the Tech game. Before the game I met him at his men’s group – mostly retirees. He introduced me to Tommy Nobis, and I got to talk to Nobis for several minutes. Nobis made a comment about playing for a losing team, but as a kid the only thing I remembered about the Falcons’ record was the excitement when they finished the year at or over .500. 
In the 70’s several Falcons (and athletes in general) ditched the crewcuts and grew sideburns and longer hair. Nobis did as well. At one meeting Edie sat with Mrs. Nobis, who is active at the church she attends. He seemed ok when I spoke to him, and was taller than I would’ve thought…still taller than me. Nobis stood tall, though his knees usually remained bent. 

Then during the game we were walking around at halftime and noticed John Smoltz walking just ahead of us. Later the camera focused on Smoltz and the announcer called him by name. Smoltz seemed peeved at the attention and grudgingly waved. In the same situation Dennis Scott smiled and waved.   

Wednesday night I got home while everyone was watching American Idol. Long-time judge Randy Jackson will be missed, but not Nicky Minaj. New judge Harry Connick Jr meshes well with holdovers Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. At nine Matthew watched his favorite show: Psych. Very good.

At ten and 10:30 Duck Dynasty débuted two new family members. At ten the Korean foreign exchange student that Willie and Korie had supported since high school moved back “home” to West Monroe. She should add to the show. I had read about her in Willie & Korie’s book about the family. At 10:30 Willie hired a relative of Korie’s to be his personal assistant. He should also add fun, though the show already has enough goofy, long-haired, bearded male characters. I barely stayed awake until 11:00. Matthew was just getting started on his English homework.      

This weekend is the big Passion Conference for college kids at Phillips Arena. Not sure if Will is going, but Ceil is volunteering – all day both Friday and Saturday, from very early in the morning until the wee hours of the night. I’ll take her to MARTA next Friday and probably take her/pick her up the other times.

Trying to remember about Chief Noc-a-homa’s sidekicks? There was Princess Win-a-lotta, but wasn’t an earlier sidekick Poke-a-single? I could’ve sworn I remembered that, but couldn’t find anything on line.

The guys from our small group have started back meeting. So far it’s worked well, and we’ve been able to cut through the crap and dig deep into issues we are facing. Soon it will be my week to lead/share.

The UGA student found dead in his room was not in Will’s dorm, nor close to it.

The Hawks gave away a trip on the team plane to the game in London. Guess I didn’t win.

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