Monday, January 06, 2014

More Football

Who wins tonight: Auburn or FSU? Could go either way. I like both teams. Some say FSU's defense may be better than Auburn's, but the Tigers have faced tougher competition. Read a long ESPN article about Auburn's head coach entire life in football, from high school to now. Great story. Came up with a different way of running offense – even wrote a book about it. He seems to be a pretty good guy. Became a Christian when he was 13.

Thursday I left work at 4 pm. Didn't feel well, so I took a nap when I got home. Watched all of the Sugar Bowl – good game. Wanted Bama to win. That was the best Oklahoma had played all year.

My boss told me to take off Friday since I had leftover 2013 vacation. Slept in and cleaned upstairs. C took M to a guitar lesson. Anna had slept over at a friend's. After leftovers for lunch I visited our painter up on the Marietta/Woodstock line. Hung out there for an hour, then checked out a store that had opened around the corner. At another store I found a great pair of North Face hiking pants on sale. Later I drove Ceil down to Perimeter Mall. She made homemade pizza for dinner.

Friday night we watched the Orange Bowl. As usual, Tajh Boyd was sometimes great but sometimes bad. I hate Matt Millen, but he was spot on when he said a 5th year senior shouldn't be making the mistakes he was making, especially if he considers himself an NFL prospect. Fortunately for Clemson, Ohio State QB Braxton Miller was just as inconsistent. The official missed the dropped interception call, icing the game for Clemson. LOVED Dabo's postgame jab at Spurrier: "Clemson is the first team from South Carolina to win a BCS Bowl game." Later Spurrier weakly sparred back, but it was not reported on national TV. Clemson fans loved the orange pants, which were appropriate for the Orange Bowl. Fans realize Dabo won't wear them regularly, but they're already hoping to see them next year against South Carolina. We hardly watched any of the Cotton Bowl.

Saturday I cleaned up more upstairs and took pictures of items to post on eBay. Did laundry and watched parts of the Compass Bowl, Eagles/Saints, and Colts/Chiefs.

Sunday I drove M down to PCC and drove Ceil home. Thought I was going to have to go back to get M, but Anna stuck around. I had planned on getting gas when I went back for him – that's why I was out this morning. Watched some of the Chargers/Bengals and 49ers/Packers, but not the GoDaddy Bowl. Wanted the Packers to win. Guess I'll be rooting for the Patriots, Broncos, or Colts to advance. Not crazy about any of the NFC teams.

Sunday night C watched Downton Abbey, so I went upstairs and read. Couldn't get to sleep. Then everyone came upstairs and made a ruckus around midnight. Plus the rain was getting bad, and I was worried about the weather. The dog was restless, keeping me awake. I kept checking the temperature, that was 48 degrees for the longest time. It finally started to drop, but didn't get below freezing until 4 or 5 am – so I wasn't worried about ice this morning. I was careful on the way to work, and of course I had to stop for gas.

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