Saturday, January 18, 2014


Last summer the fashion craze at the beach was Columbia PFG fishing shirts. Anna quickly jumped on the craze (she wore hers twice). here in Atlanta I had seen a few middle-aged men wearing the shirts, sometimes at work on Fridays. The shirts are designed to be worn untucked and look terrible if tucked in. That rules out wearing them to work. I love the lightweight, waterproof fishing pants. I’d wear the them to work, except the bulky cargo pockets don’t look very professional.

After we returned from the beach I started looking for the shirts and since then have built up quite the collection – actually more than I need. It would be nice to track down a red UGA shirt or white Tech PFG shirt, or a pair of shorts or swim trunks in my size. These PFG Omni-Shade shirts and pants block harmful ultraviolet rays through tight weave construction, UV absorbers, and with UV reflectors. Here’s my collection…

Light blue PFG short sleeve shirt
Tan PFG short sleeve shirt
Hawaiian print Columbia short sleeve shirt
Bright yellow PFG short sleeve: too big, will sell.
Red check PFG Super Bonefish – too small, will sell
Light yellow PFG long sleeve shirt
Black Columbia winter long sleeve shirt
Will’s black Columbia jacket
Ceil’s black Columbia winter pullover
Anna’s light blue PFG short sleeve shirt
PFG convertible pants/shorts: light green
Bass Pro convertible pants/swimsuit: khaki
Bass Pro convertible pants/swimsuit: hunter
North Face hiking pants: brown
North Face hiking shorts: brown
Gap heavy hiking pants: khaki
REI convertible pants/shorts: khaki (to sell)
Columbia khakis (too short, to sell)
Off-white Columbia cargo pants (to sell)
North Face tan corduroys (to sell)
Will’s khaki REI convertible pants/shorts

PFG stands for Professional Fishing Gear. There’s a neato Columbia store in the new Woodstock outlet mall, though I’ve only made the journey once.

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