Friday, January 10, 2014

Fun Facts: HOF Edition

Spent a lot of time researching baseball stuff Wednesday:
1. Greg Maddux walked fewer batters than 20 of the 24 members of the 300 win club.
2. Since intentional walks became a stat in 1954 no player had a lower percentage of unintentional walks than Maddux.
3. His 83% was far lower than any other 300 game winner (all but two had percentages higher than 91%).
4. Late in Maddux's last season he reached 999 walks. He vowed to not walk another batter. He made four more starts and had zero walks.
5. Since the end of the dead ball era only Robin Roberts had a lower walks per 9 innings ratio than Maddux. I figured that out, tweeted it, and later read the same stat in the AJC.
6. Frank Thomas (45) is the youngest player ever voted into the HOF. Maddux and Glavine are 47.
7. At Auburn Thomas player both baseball and football with Bo Jackson. 

8. One of Thomas' MVP seasons was one of the most all-around productive seasons in history.
9. Of the 500 home run club members, Thomas has the highest career batting average since Hank Aaron.
10. The average Batting Average of the 500 HR Club decreased every time a new member was added until 2002. Since then the average has remained a steady .292.

Details on all the above to be published here soon. No one is making much of Maddux not setting the record for highest HOF vote percentage. I thought he deserved it.

Hawks: Al Horford goes down, and the AJC seems to expect the Hawks to magically make a blockbuster deal to immediately bring in another superstar. Not that easy.

Monday night Ceil cooked burgers. She was not happy when I brought home Kroger tater tots instead of organic French fries.

Tuesday night Ceil made Mexican. Hectic night at home with kids studying so I missed the Duke game.

Wednesday night she cooked a chicken casserole, sweet potatoes, and salad. Later I had popcorn. Not making much progress on my diet, though I am back eating grapefruit every day. Also worked out Thursday morning. Need to get back to my daily walking, and working out at night.

Breakfast for dinner again Thursday night, but with steak and French toast. I skipped the grits and had just one piece of toast.

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