Thursday, January 02, 2014

Cutting It Close

Anna took Mr. Miller's Jeep up to the Hargreaves and out to a hibachi dinner with friends. When she left she said it had a quarter tank of gas. When she came home around 10:30 she proudly exclaimed "Drove in the driveway just as the miles remaining hit zero!" Not exactly how its supposed to work.

Wednesday morning I emptied all the lawnmower gas into the jeep before taking it to the gas station, where I put in over 17 gallons.

Monday afternoon I bolted out the door right at 4 pm and raced home to watch Tech. Not sure why.

Tuesday morning I cleaned up a bunch upstairs, then set out on running errands. Had an expiring carwash coupon to use, mailed an eBay box, cashed in a Sonic giftcard, gassed up the CRV, and spent $19.00 at Kroger (a lot for me). Did laundry during the Sun Bowl. Ceil had lunch with friends at Chipotle, then did more running around. Later she took Matthew up to a party in Canton – near where the bride had died in that post-wedding car crash. Will went to the Chickfila Bowl – a great game to watch. Since the game ended just minutes before midnight, I didn't turn off the TV until just after the ball dropped.

Wednesday morning I was able to get a lot more cleaning done upstairs. Ceil brought me an English muffin with egg and cheese, so I didn't start off my diet very well. Did better the rest of the day. After getting the Jeep gassed up I drove to Sandy Springs to complete an eBay deal. One of my favorite stores was having a sale, so I bought a shirt and pair of pants. Missed the first quarter of the Gator Bowl. After Georgia lost I was kinda footballed out. Watched the Netflix movie Arbitrage and some of World Without End. Gassed up Will's Jeep. Ceil cooked chicken and fish tacos for Will's farewell dinner. Watched the first half of the Fiesta Bowl and went to bed.

Exercised this morning. Hopefully I can keep it up. Back at work today but my boss is saying to take tomorrow off. I had some unused 2013 vacation.

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