Monday, January 27, 2014

HOF Caps

We wondered about Maddux's HOF cap for years, and now it's finally been decided. Braves fans are "shocked." Greg always thought several steps ahead. He is just as beloved by Cubs fans as he is in Atlanta – perhaps even more so. Smart move by the Cubs to retire his number. I was stung, but at this point I'm kinda over such matters.

Fans are also mad at Wren and Liberty because EOF accepted a huge offer to perhaps be the A's closer…not very far away from a mother-in-law with cancer.

I liked Mark Bowman's comment about Chris Johnson teaching the kids how to figure a batting average: "He didn't explain WAR or OPS" That dovetails perfectly with your analysis. Most of the trolls complaining about the lack of Braves moves never think about WAR. They also aren't aware of what so many experts like Billy Beane say about the playoffs: that it's a crapshoot.

Saturday M went to see Jack Ryan. I enjoyed watching Larry Crown for the second time.

See where Bryan Coley's movie is showing at AMC Barrett Commons on Feb 20? Tickets must be bought in advance. That's a Thursday, so we'll see if anyone can go.

Will take a while for me to get up to speed on Windows 7.

Last Tuesday night we had our guys small group meeting. Me and one other GT grad, a UGA grad, and an Arkansas grad. Paul Johnson's job security came up, so I mentioned that GT ticketholders were dissatisfied with Gregory. I felt like I was someone in the know.

Lunch meeting here at work last Wednesday – pizza and salad. Tuesday I bought lunch at Kroger: carrots, yogurt, and cereal. Tuesday night Ceil cooked a chicken noodle casserole. I passed, but will probably eat the leftovers.

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