Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Penn State & Ga Tech

Sounds like Penn State is continuing to make bad decisions. Perhaps they should schedule Georgia Tech. This past year Central Florida beat Penn State in Happy Valley. This August Penn State opens with UCF - in Ireland.

Sounds like UGA will be getting new defensive coaches without having to fire anyone. Did I hear a rumor that UGA was trying to get Michigan State's defensive coordinator? The UGA DB coach that quit grew up in the northeast. This was his first time living so far from where he grew up. Since he quit for personal reasons, he may have found the football culture different or just needed to get back closer to family.

This gets back to what a commitment means these days in college football. A coach recruits a player to a school but sometimes leaves the school. Vad Lee should have known what he was getting into when he came to Tech. I doubt anyone told him he couldn't be running the option.

So Vad made a bad decision. Should he be held to his commitment? The rules say he can transfer to a smaller school without losing a year of eligibility. So he is just following the rules. Studying the situation, having Vad transfer is the best situation for Tech. Statistically, Lee was a worse passer than Tevin Washington or Josh Nesbitt...and he was a worse runner.
Backup QB Justin Thomas ran the option in high school, and is a quicker, faster runner than Vad. He is no passer, but that isn't a requirement in Paul Johnson's offense. Tech could very well have a better record next year, if they can win their opener against Georgia Southern.

Busy Tuesday morning, but managed to get my walk in. Also did some research on the longest punts in NFL history. Some interesting, recognizable names.

Monday night Ceil cooked grilled chicken, spinach, and parmesan rice with onions. One of her more healthy meals lately. Watched the Golf Channel. Reruns of Ferhety interviewing Bill Clinton and David Duval.

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