Friday, April 11, 2014

Bad D > Good O

Mets leadoff hitter Young swung at strike three to open the game, but the Braves third string catcher dropped the foul tip. With new life Young singled on the first pitch, stole second, and took third when third string catcher’s throw sailed into centerfield, where centerfielder BJ Upton failed to back up the play. Next batter Daniel Murphy hit a sac fly to score Young from third. Bad pitching.

Later a Met hit a long fly to deep centerfield. Upton had a bead on it but, being scared of the fence, dropped the ball. Triple. Jordan Schafer would’ve had it. Another “unearned” run. More bad pitching.

Later another Met batter was barely safe at first on double play ball that Andrelton would’ve turned, but second string shortstop Ramiro Pena couldn’t. This allowed a third run to score that shouldn’t have. Even more bad pitching. Had the Braves made these three plays they would’ve won.

But Braves still have at least three more good pitchers that will be activated over the next few weeks. The first pitcher they activated threw eight shutout innings in his debut, requiring only 88 pitches, and also had an RBI single.

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