Wednesday, April 30, 2014

FedEx Shooting

On Facebook you can ask people to be your friend, or people ask you to be their friend. Once you accept them as a friend you see what they post. Whenever I log onto Facebook I can scan down the various posts to see what’s happening in different people’s life (or view the endless cartoons and pictures of kittens people post). Through the years I’ve accumulated friends from various parts of my life. When Will was in school playing sports, often times his friends would ask to be my friends so they could read the various game and trip recaps that I’d post on Facebook. Some of these friends are familiar to me, and others not so much.

One of these young men has been posting how he has become closer to God in the past few months. Shane was also happy to report that he had started a new job. I think he even made employee of the month. Things were going well in his life.

Yesterday I read in horror about the shooting at the FedEx facility in Kennesaw. This is where Shane works. Throughout the day and evening I scanned Facebook posts, looking for an update from Shane. Had he been one of the victims? I prayed for his safety. Finally he posted – the shooting had taken place on a different shift, when he was not there. Still, he was shaken.

Today three metro Atlanta schools were on lockdown. And so it continues.

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