Monday, April 28, 2014

Scandal Du Jour

TV and radio hosts everywhere love what 680's Christopher Rude called the "scandal of the week" – Donald Starling's racist comments. That's all 680 and 99.7 were talking about this morning, all I heard on the radio yesterday and Saturday (except the Braves games). Seems like a talk show host would want to talk about something different, especially since everyone is on the same side.

While Magic Johnson addressed the controversy with tact, other entertainers used the opportunity to hurl profane epitaphs Sterling's way. Had a white celebrity made those same comments about a black public figure they would be castigated by the media. Obama was quick to call out Starling, though he never mentioned similarly racist comments by Spike Lee or other entertainers, rappers, musicians, comedians, and athletes - just like he did nothing about the Ukraine, Benghazi, or Christians imprisoned and tortured overseas.

Evidently the tape of Sterling was edited to highlight his worst comments and leave out comments that would exonerate him. His "girlfriend" may have grown tired of the way he views the world, but as a much younger woman clearly more interested in his money and fame, she should've realized that a much older married man of a different race would look at life differently than she. Just because his view of the world may not have been right, did she have to call him out so publicly? It is a shame that after so many years of losing records, all this happens when the Clippers are in the playoffs.

You have to look hard for any media support for Christianity these days. Several groups make it their business to attack Christianity. It's hard for the defenders of the faith to be heard. Are we living in the last days? Meanwhile radical Islamists, who torture and kill homosexuals, are rarely called out. Seems like the media and Washington are scared of Muslims. All the while the Muslim population in the United States continues to quietly grow and grow. Like in France and other parts of Europe they slowly continued to immigrate and immigrate until they were the majority race. Then they began to take over the political process. The world is turning into a different place.

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