Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Masters Viewership Down

Real golfers watch the Masters because it’s the best tournament of the year. Seems like as many golfers dislike Tiger as like him. Old school golfers that love the masters usually dislike Tiger. I bet the great weather also had something to do with fewer viewers. After so much bad weather, people were finally able to get outside.

I bought a book called “Then Everything Changed” about what had happened if a certain historical event had turned out differently. First section was what if JFK had been killed by the bomber in Palm Beach after he was elected but before his inauguration. Too much detail, and I quit after 100 pages. Also stories about RFK and others. I still like Steven King’s “11-22-63” about the man who traveled back in time to stop the Kennedy assassination.      
Last week Will nabbed this Gordon Beckham bobblehead at the Georgia/Tennessee baseball game.

Lots of people will watch a football game no matter who is playing. I’ve gotten to where the only baseball I watch is the Braves (plus a little Yankees and Mike Trout). I am an oddball in other ways. People look at me weird when they see my calendar or hear about my blog or my thrift store adventures, or entering sweepstakes or bobbleheads  My friend can’t wait to retire and do stuff (he’s younger than me). Once we were at a Braves game and Charles’s friend Johnny was talking about his friend who counted everything. After John left I told Rob that I’d almost said that we were the same way. Rob remembers everyone who ever played for the Atlanta Braves, and what year. He knows how much everyone makes, and how long their contract is for (same with the Hawks).  

After my day and a half long meeting ended yesterday afternoon, another meeting was scheduled for this morning. Since the Braves were rained out and the kids were home studying, I worked past 7 pm last night. Had leftover sandwiches for dinner at work (we had more today). At home I packaged several eBay items and posted more. Here at work we have thousands of rusty nuts and grommets that are no good. Someone suggested we sell them on eBay, so maybe I will.

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