Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Meatless Monday

Monday morning I had an appointment in Roswell, so I was away from work for over two hours – I worked until well past six. Ceil cooked "Meatless Monday" – burritos with beans, rice, tomatoes, etc. I only are one. Later I had yogurt. Afterwards I cleaned up the kitchen…most of it, anyway.

Monday night Ceil was saying we needed to take a trip because W is turning 21 and Anna is turning 18. I suggested Destin. But Ceil won't want to go anywhere because she doesn't want to leave our dog for more than the week at Myrtle Beach.

Final Four: I watched most of the second half last night. I wasn't rooting for UConn just because I want their women to win as well. Not a big Kentucky fan.
M is going to opening night tonight. Will might come over to a game this week as well, with some friends from school. As traditional as baseball is, I couldn't see them shortening games to seven innings. I like the strike zone idea better.

Read the D League article and watched the video. The video was slick. I showed it to Ceil. I had wondered what Lang was doing in Iowa. It made me wonder if Will's old JV teammate Jeremy Lamb from Norcross High/UConn was still in the D League at Tulsa. Looks like he has been on the OKC roster all this year. Scored 18 in one game.

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