Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Thursday night we had spaghetti and meatballs. I had worked late, then stopped by the library and FedEx on the way home. Put in a load of laundry before I went to bed.

Packed up and left home at ten Friday morning. Stopped for gas and got to Athens before noon. Got Chickfila to go, then headed to Will’s dorm. On the way out of town we drove by the house Will is renting this fall. Just off Millege Ave not far from the Varsity, Clarke Central High School, and Five Points. He may get a job at his favorite coffee shop.

After the 6 pm Good Friday service we drove to the Steak House. I’ve eaten there several times before. My small filet was excellent. Also baked potato and salad. There were twelve of us at dinner. Went to bed relatively early.

Saturday the Golf Channel was on all day. Watched some of the Heritage. Ben Martin finished third, after leading after the first two rounds. He went to Clemson and is from Greenwood SC. My nephew had played against him and had beaten him on the front nine. Without my laptop I read, went through emails on my phone, and spent a little time on the internet. Ceil and Matthew went to the grocery store. At 6:30 the same twelve ate at the Golden Nugget. Ceil and Will got salmon. My grilled chicken fingers were the best dish I’d ever eaten there before. After supper we watched the Braves. I stayed up and watched the last 15 minutes of the Evan Gattis story. Good column by Dave O’Brien about him in the AJC.

Sunday morning I ironed Anna’s dress. Matthew shaved off his “beard” and Will cut himself shaving. Sunday dinner: ham, chicken tetrazzini, chicken salad, macaroni and cheese, brown rice, congealed salad, tossed salad, rolls, strawberry shortcake, etc. Later we had a family portrait made. Nothing was open for supper, so we got two Dominos pizzas. Made it to Athens by nine and home by eleven. There was a steady stream of cars on 316 all the way from I-85 to Athens. After we unloaded I drove over to QT to fill up with gas.

The children’s service was led by the young, female children’s minister. She told the children that at the Good Friday service the cloth draped over the cross was purple, and asked what color the cloth was on Easter Sunday. One child replied “Orange!” You could tell he was a Clemson fan. Later the children’s minister and pastor joined the choir for the anthems – children’s minister on the front row and pastor on the back row. During the lively anthem the children’s minister was moving around from side to side with the beat, while all the other (older) choir members stood still. After the anthems the choir filed out. As the pastor approached the pulpit he said “You can sure tell which one is the youth and children’s minister!”. When the children’s minister finally came out to take her seat she didn’t look quite as happy.

While we were waiting for our pizza Ceil, Will, and Anna took Barney for a little walk – on the same street behind the Chickfila/Dominos that I had walked Barney one time before. The first house had two cute young boys. They ran out wanting to pet Barney. Ceil thought it was funny when one of the boys giggled “He’s licking my private parts!” When we got to Athens I walked Barney around while the others took Will’s bags to his room. The campus was dark and quiet, with just a few students unpacking their cars and walking around. When Ceil, Will, Anna, and Matthew came back outside I let go of the leash so Barney could run over to them. Too loudly Ceil joked “He’s licking my private parts!” Anna was embarrassed.

How was your Easter? That was something that the Hawks won game one. Hopefully they can continue to give Indiana a hard time.

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