Thursday, April 24, 2014

Historic Game

Tuesday's Braves game was one of the best I have ever attended – top five perhaps, and surely in the top ten. The 28 strikeouts combined by the Braves and Marlins without a single walk is the most in a game since 1914. The game only took two hours and eight minutes to finish, and ended at 9:19 pm.

Jose Fernandez matched his career high with 14 strikeouts. After Jason Heyward led off the bottom of the first with a single, Fernandez did not allow a hit to the next 22 batters. In the first seven innings he only faced one batter over the minimum.

After surrendering a single to the leadoff hitter, Alex Wood retired ten in a row, surrendered two straight hits, retired four in a row, another infield single, then retired the last ten batters he faced. He struck out a career high eleven. In the ninth David Carpenter struck out two more Marlins. There were no walks in the game. Wood lost his second straight 1-0 game.

TOP ONE: Yelich infield single. Ozuna K. Stanton F7. McGehee K.
BOTTOM ONE: Heyward single to left. BJ 6-4-3 DP. Freeman K.
TOP TWO: Salty F9. Jones K. Hechavarria 4-3.
BOTTOM TWO: Justin K. Johnson P4. Uggla K.
TOP THREE: Solano L3. Fernandez K. Yelich 4-3.
BOTTOM THREE: Gattis K. Simmons F9. Wood 4-3.
TOP FOUR: Ozuna F3 (foul). Stanton 2B. McGehee's single to center scores Stanton. Salty K. Jones K.
BOTTOM FOUR: Heyward K. BJ E5, balked to 2nd. Freeman K. Justin K.
TOP FIVE: Hechavarria K. Solano K. Fernandez infield single. Yelich 4-3.
BOTTOM FIVE: Johnson K. Uggla K. Gattis K.
TOP SIX: Ozuna 6-3. Stanton K. McGehee F8.
BOTTOM SIX: Simmons 5-3. Wood L9. Heyward K.
TOP SEVEN: Salty 5-3. Jones F7 (foul). Hechavarria K.
BOTTOM SEVEN: BJ F8. Freeman F7. Justin K.
TOP EIGHT: Solano F7. Fernandez K. Yelich 4-3.
BOTTOM EIGHT: Johnson singles to right. Pastornicky PR. Uggla K. Gattis K. Simmons infield single. PH Doumit 1U.
TOP NINE: Carpenter pitching. Pena plays 3B. Ozuna K. Stanton K. McGehee F9
BOTTOM NINE: Cishek pitching. Heyward 3U. BJ 4-3. Freeman K.
Gattis won Wednesday's game with a two-RBI pinch hit double.

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