Friday, April 25, 2014

The Week

MONDAY: On the way home I listened to a good chunk of the pregame, as well as the top of the first. Stayed up, but was planning on going to bed after the Braves batted in the tenth. Kimbrel seemed to get back on track with his three straight strikeouts to end the inning. You could tell he wasn’t happy as he walked off the field even after the third strikeout. I was worried when Gattis came into home and jumped up and landed on the plate. When Angels all-star first baseman Kendry Morales did that he broke his leg. Gattis’ play has been encouraging, and hopefully his good hitting will continue.

Glad I watched til the end. Nice that Floyd doesn’t have to rush back to fill a need.

Here at work they raffled off Monday’s tickets, and a deserving guy in traffic got to go. Turns out he is a huge fan who played in high school. He and his wife stayed til the end. The new guy I’m answering a lot of questions for also went with his wife and baby, but they left around ten pm.

Took off last Friday and we picked up Will in Athens at noon and dropped him back off Sunday night. He studied all day Saturday. This week will be a killer for him – four tests (two finals) and a project due. Monday night Ceil cooked Mexican for burritos and salad. Ground beef for me, her, and Matthew and also fish for her and Anna. Ate the leftovers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY: Rough day at work. Was brain dead by the end of the day. I did get a lot done. Left at 5:40 and listened to Chuck and Chernoff on the way home. Knew Ceil would be at art, so I would have to forage for supper. Got home and was pleased to find BBQ in the crock pot. Shouldn’t have, but I slammed down two BBQ sandwiches. They were great. Caught up on some computer work with the Braves replay on in the background. Anna came home from art to work on homework, so I had to go pick up Ceil. Went to bed when we got home (9:50). Slept through the night and didn’t head Ceil and barney come to bed. Usually everyone makes a racket when they come upstairs, but I heard nothing.

Got plenty of work to do both here at work and at home.  

THURSDAY: Worked til six. Didn’t feel like making any stops on the way home, then decided at the last minute to get my hair cut. Ceil is arranging the flowers for Saturday night’s prom, so the house was full of flowers and she ran to run out and get more. I ate leftover pot roast. Worked on the computer and packaged eBay items, and didn’t go to bed until eleven.

FRIDAY: Drove a coworker down to get his car from the shop at lunch. We stopped at Jimmy Johns on the way back.

SATURDAY: C, A, and M are busy decorating for prom tonight, so I'll get a jump on the chores I won't have time for on Saturday. Lots of cleaning and laundry and cars to wash. Then Ceil goes to set up for prom. Anna goes out with friends. I’ll be Matthew’s chauffer for the evening: driving to Canton to pick up Sarah, taking them to their restaurant of choice and then to prom. Then I’ll hang out at the prom, then take Sarah home. Hopefully they won’t want to go out to eat afterwards, but they might. A long Saturday, then we’ll get up early and drive to Athens for Will’s baptism. The church is having a pot luck lunch afterwards. I’ll have to come back to work on Monday so I can get some rest.

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