Saturday, April 26, 2014

Top 12 Braves Games

Twelve Most Memorable Braves Games I've Attended:

Braves/Twins 1991 World Series. Longest game in series history. Extra innings. Had more players enter the game than any other World Series game.

Braves/Yankees 1996 World Series. Last game ever played at Atlanta Stadium. Yankees come from behind to win on Jim Leyrich home run off Mark Wohlers.

Braves/Marlins 2014. ROY Jose Fernandez/Alex Wood combine for 25 strikeouts/zero walks/one run. Marlins win 1-0.

Braves/Astros NLDS – Braves beat Roger Clemens.

Braves/Marlins NLCS

Braves/Pirates (1970) Saturday NBC game of the week / my Braves birthday party. Set record for most home runs by both teams in one inning. Included homers by Aaron, Stargell, and Clemente.

Braves/Mets September 1999 pennant race. Pregame home school day parade around field with Anna, holding Matthew. Will plays tee ball in the outfield, spots Chipper, and throws him the ball. In the game Chipper slugs two home runs. Braves win to increase their division lead.

Gwinnett Braves (2013) Joey Terdoslovich walk off home run.

Braves/Dodgers 1982 doubleheader during pennant race

Myrtle Beach Pelicans / Wilmington Blue Rocks 13 inning game in 2011.

Braves game the day after McGriff trade/press box fire.

Braves game the day after Pascual Perez misses start while lost on 285.

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