Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Grizzlies tie Ga College

Saturday we drove out to Conyers to see my niece Sarah’s soccer game: her Gwinnett College Grizzlies vs Georgia College at Milledgeville. My sister and brother in law drove my parents up for the game. My brother’s family was there, including his mother in law. Sarah and the two other forwards appeared to be the quickest and best ball handlers. Gwinnett’s two goals came on strong, hard, long kicks, but GC’s goals both came from close in. With the score tied Sarah’s teammate Amanda went down hard. It took her a long time to stand back up. Looked like she was ready to cry. Then the ball immediately came back to her in the middle of the field, in a one on one situation. She got off a strong shot for the go-ahead goal.

After the game we had my father’s birthday dinner. He wanted to eat nearby at Sonny’s, but for some reason my brother had us all drive ten miles down the interstate to Stonecrest Mall. Smokey Joes had a 1:45 wait at 3:30 in the afternoon - a party of 15 had just been seated. We walked next door to Chilis. Several of us were still wondering what had happened to Sonnys. Our party of eleven had numerous special orders. Water, water no ice, water lots of ice, water with lime, etc. The food orders were even more complex. Considering all the hoops we made the poor waiter jump through, the service was exceptional. Ceil ordered loaded quesadillas even though it had been dropped from the menu. My burger was good, the fries hot and tasty. The manager even brought out two free desserts to celebrate my dad’s and sister-in-law’s birthdays. We didn’t leave until 6:30.

Friday I read a Sports Illustrated article about UConn’s star sophomore. Saturday I got to see her play Saturday on the TV’s at Chilis.

Saw a video clip of Heather Swilley singing in the JFBC contemporary service. She was singing the song “10,000 Reasons” – originally written and sung by a Passion City Church artist.

Ceil will be thrilled that I won the NOLA tourney. She will want to go to Bonefish, but it might be fun to try out The Big Ketch. I have no idea about how fancy it is…I’ve only driven past it. I’d be happy with The Pie Place or The Counter in Roswell. When the letter arrived with the bracket Ceil was afraid to open it because of what was written on the envelope. Something like ‘personal’ or something. Then she kept asking because she never saw what was inside.

Thursday night I watched Linsanity, the documentary on Netflix about Jeremy Lin. Very good. Anna was off at her Grace home church service. Ceil cooked orange chicken.

Usually Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday nights are best for Ceil. This Thursday and next Thursday are bad for us, and I know this Saturday is off limits. Spring break starts this Thursday.

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