Thursday, April 03, 2014

Baseball Begins Again

I need to do a better job of not replying to all the uneducated Braves comments on Facebook and the AJC. Drew’s original comment about the Braves pitchers started off “At this rate…”  - talking about who the Braves would have to add to replace Minor and Beachy. A joke, but I didn't think it was very funny. It certainly wasn't timely. Perhaps if he had made the jokes two weeks ago, right after the injuries.

Drew was forgetting the Braves will soon activate Minor, Santana, Floyd, and Venters. So I started out my reply the same way he did - “At this rate…the Braves will set a team ERA record” – meaning that there wasn’t anything wrong with the pitchers the Braves have. Wood and Hale may be rookies, and Teheran a sophomore, but at some point you have to give the ball to young talent. Remember back when Glavine and Smoltz were rookies?   

Kelly Curran Johnson’s father Bill passed away. He was 72 and lived in a Greenville senior home, not far from Kelly’s brother Billy (who is a doctor). The obit is on and the funeral is in Greensboro.

SUNDAY: Ricky Richardson posted pictures of the SPdL service, including Dock carrying the baby around the church. Drew Kelly mentioned the favorite hymn special. Kelly Clark Lewis Vonfeldt recently re-joined SPdL. Her husband recently completed a course making him a chaplain at a Gwinnett County Hospital. We see them occasionally around East Cobb.  

MONDAY: A very busy last day of the month. Worked until six, got a lot done. Worn out afterwards. It wasn’t until late in the afternoon that I realized the Braves had played a day game, so I didn’t keep up with it on my phone. Drove straight home. Anna had washed the Jeep and CRV before driving downtown for her Grace church gathering. Ceil cooked two chicken casseroles – one to eat and one to freeze. Also salad. Matthew ate hot wings. Did the dishes and helped M write a paper about a short story. Since he is in a class with students in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders I thought the assignment was tough for a 9 grade boy. Went to bed kinda early.        

Watched some of the Marlins/Rockies game, since Miami had last year’s rookie of the year on the mound. As usual, Hernandez dominated. We’ll see how instant replay affects baseball. Saw were Fredi won a challenge yesterday on a Ryan Braun play. Baseball is already mindful of the time of games. The endless commercials between innings make games longer, especially on Fox and ESPN. That kid Hernandez in Miami pitches faster than anyone. Read where Kershaw was hurting. Whatever the sport, the experts always say the best college teams could never beat the worst pro teams. They are probably right.

TUESDAY: Worked until 6 pm again then drove straight home. Ceil served the Costco roasted chicken, green beans, and pigs-in-a-blanket for M and A. C went off to Michaels, WalMart, and to pick up a book. She ran into a friend and talked to her for a long time about a school M might go to next year. I cleaned the kitchen and watched the Braves. Caroline Hargreaves got Anna with an April Fool’s prank.

WEDNESDAY: C and A had art. I stopped by Kroger and rented Gravity from the RedBox. Very suspenseful the whole way through. Sandra Bulloch isn’t one of my favorites, but she’s ok. Lots more of her in the movie than George Clooney. Never seen a movie that had only two actors in it. Even Castaway had other actors at the beginning and end.

Been having trouble getting M to study. He knows he’s dug himself into a hole and it’s really eating on him. C and I are trying to help but he’s just angry. He and Anna were voted “most artistic” in their high school yearbook. Anna is on the yearbook staff. Spring break starts Thursday – they may go up to SC for a few days.

Both M and A are going to the prom in late April. M will take girlfriend Sarah, but Anna said her gang has gotten the word out – “no dates.” I asked her what band was playing, and she said “Band? All we get is a DJ!”. Ceil is helping out. Not sure if I will get dragged in. I’ll have to chauffer M. The prom is at Anna’s friend’s HUGE house up north of Crabapple.  

In their ranking of the thirty MLB stadiums, rated city-run Turner Field fourth from last. Only Toronto, Oakland, and Tampa were worse. Guess the Braves decision to not renew their lease was justified.

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