Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday Meeting

Last of the photos of the Braves in the 70's uniforms. Note how Justin Upton holds his batting gloves in his hand so he won't slide with his fingers out, to avoid injury. Had Ryan Zimmerman done this he might not have broken his thumb.

Credit cards will be replaced with the mark of the beast. Some people think the new bitcoin is the mark of the beast. Red moon on Passover. Are we are living in the last days?

Chicken with grits with BBQ sauce sounds good. I go through the BBQ sauce at home, and even keep a stash here at work. Lunch yesterday and today was sandwiches, salad, pickles, and cookies from Atlanta Bread Company and Jason's Deli.

You would have enjoyed our catered gourmet meal last night at my boss Sue's nice house in downtown Norcross. Sue cooked stuffed chicken and flank steak, potatoes, and vegetables. Also a variety of breads, a large bowl of tossed salad, fruit kebab, and bacon wrapped calamari. Meeting yesterday broke up around 4:30. I worked at my desk until almost six then drove over. Left the dinner at 7:35 and stopped by Kroger on the way home.

Turned over to the Braves game just after Gattis' first home run. Exciting game. Like you, I thought Fredi left Avilan in too long. At the time we didn't know Kimbrel wasn't available and the bullpen was shorthanded. Nice to see Uggla hit the ball. His grand slam won the game, but he had two or three defensive plays in ESPN's Top Ten plays. That never happens to the Braves players.

That is hard to believe about the Dream selling out. I wonder if there's a place to go back and look at last year's attendance game by game. I checked several places on the internet and could not find it.

Sold: Masters cap, LL Bean barn coat, Nike ACG convertible pants, Patagonia pants, Indians pullover, Tiger Woods PSP game, Hawks jacket, and kids Grant Hill Olympic jersey.

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