Sunday, February 15, 2015

Braves: Gloom & Doom?

Busy busy busy but got caught up on email on Thursday. Took M to school then worked 845 to 1245. Picked up M at school and went home. Today woke up at 4 am and drove W to airport. Working 625 to 1130 today. My mom went to emergency room last night but was a false alarm.

CRV was in the shop for brakes. Saturday I put new tires on Will's Jeep. Both cars need gas. Might watch NBA ASG festivities if nothing else good is on. Pick up W at airport Sunday evening. I worked a half day on Friday. Super busy at work, given I took 2 half days.

Knowing C she'll want a 6. Anna upgraded by buying her friends' dad's old phone. She's good at stuff like that.

Bought 2 pair of white sneakers yesterday – one Puma and one Nike.

Braves: All those gloom and doom "fans" who say the offense was traded away don't mention how bad the offense was last year. No reason why it can't be better this year. Love how DOB puts them in their place. There are a few who have a positive attitude and defend the moves.

ROB: The popular talk is how bad the Braves will be.  I disagree.  I don't think they are a 90+ win division contender, but I also don't think they are a 60+ win team either.  Their starting pitching and bullpen will be too strong to be that bad.

The prevailing argument is that they took a bad offense and made it worse by subtracting 3 out of it's 4 best hitters.  But I think people are missing the fact that they are also subtracting other bad (sub 700 OPS) hitters in Uggla, LaStella, Doumit, Laird and Bonafacio.  We will also probably see fewer plate appearances by BJ and Chris Johnson.  The end result is that you will see more average players being put in situations where they are strongest in.  I will expand more over the next few weeks.

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