Thursday, February 26, 2015

Reunion Redux

MONDAY: I wasn’t finished with the recap yet even though it was already over 1400 words, and it really didn’t have a good beginning yet. Every time I re-read it I found errors and things I had left out. Claire was one of the girls who passed by on the way to get coffee. She stopped and gave me a big hug. I haven’t put that in yet. Usually I can finish something like that in a day and post it on my blog that night. But at 5 pm Monday I knew it needed more work before I could publish it. I was moving paragraphs around and everything. Haven’t been able to work on it at all yet today (Tuesday).

I only put a few things I write on Facebook, like that list of places the choir has sung. The list was a hit but someone got a little too much in the spirit of it and wound up saying something inappropriate. I haven’t decided whether to publish the recap once I finish. Not exactly great literature compared to the works of Elizabeth Musser or Rob Suggs or Tony Korey. There are lots of people who I’ve just forgotten when they sang in the choir – if they were in choir when I was at Tech or if they had already gone off to college – people like Betsy Anderson Perkins and Louise Davie. I thought about trying to list everyone there but I didn’t know everyone’s name – like that lady with cancer.

The reunion couldn’t have been more fun for me. I got there right when it started and then was one of the last to leave. It was nice that most everyone remembered who I was. I never really got to hang around Elizabeth Musser or Steve Williams, but they welcomed me in as one of the gang. Those who grew up at SPdL spent years with the same classmates, and as a college student they spent much less time with guys like me. So it’s understandable who people were the happiest to see. I hadn’t hung out with my GT BSU pal Jim Johnson since his wedding 30 years ago, so it was good to be able to spend a lot of time with him. But there were lots of people I wanted to talk to but never got the chance (like Reid). Charles Qualls was in the Fellowship Hall but I missed him. Also Andrea Irwin and Victoria Taylor and others. Like me it seemed like Andy Collins loved being there but didn’t get the chance to talk to as many people as he would’ve liked. I know we could’ve talked more.  

Somewhere along the way I noticed that the Reed girls weren’t there. Many people were busy and some didn’t have the great choir experience that others had, which is understandable. Lee Starnes said he wasn’t coming but might meet people afterwards.    

REID: Sorry, sorry game by Tech. Couldn't make threes, or twos, or even ones when they needed them. Only three was a meaningless heave at the buzzer. And It turned out to be a home game for Louisville, as the crowd was predominately red, and out yelled Tech second half. It will be worse next week, as Carolina Blue shows up.

ME: Listened to a good chunk of the second half just as they were losing their big lead. Seemed predestined that GT would lose no matter how well they played. After supper (juicy baked chicken, baked potato slices, and salad) Anna and I drove our cars up to the gas station for a fill-up. Then I stopped by the post office and Kroger.

Got a new keyboard this morning to replace one I’d had for over six years. My old mouse was on its last legs, so this is good. But the keyboard is curved a little and the keys in the middle (especially G H B and N) are larger than the keys on the side.

TUESDAY: Nothing big to report. Worked til 6 and drove home. Ceil cooked burrito fixins and I fixed a salad with lettuce, black beans, and chicken. Ceil went over to meet with her friends. I worked on the choir recap a little yesterday afternoon but I still have more to do. Now the wedding might be in January because Will would start medical school in May. So I started my workout program last night. I have zero energy but perhaps working out will help.

WEDNESDAY: I knew I would be leaving early so I really tried to get as much work done as possible. We had a super hot emergency and we didn’t know whether the snow would impact it or not. Set everything up and left work at 145. Got home and made several phones calls and emails on into the evening. The shipment time kept getting pushed back then up, and I had to communicate every change.

Ceil cooked pot roast for me and her. M and A managed to get snowed in at friend's houses. Anna was with Caroline Hargraeves. Ceil had taken a nap earlier and we watched a few sitcoms. I finally posted that choir recap very late. I kept adding and adding and finally just wanted to be finished. I did add a few good jokes. Got a pretty decent response. Went to bed but kept checking my phone whenever I woke up. At 3 am I had to send emails and text messages. Started work from home at 7 am and was on the phone all the way to work. Another emergency today. Tomorrow is month end so perhaps we’ll make it.

You need to get on Drew Kelly for not liking The Sound of Music. A classic. He should’ve kept that to himself.

Three Greg Maddux bobbleheads are being given away this summer (and four of Smoltz). This makes a total of at least seven Maddux bobbleheads in play. I have three and should get at least two more – maybe three.

Braves 2002 (rare)
Toros (got)
Braves HOF 2014 (got)
Cubs 2014 (got)
Gwinnett 2015 (will get)
Rome HOF 2015 (will get)
Pearl 2015 (trade for?)

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