Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fire and Ice

Another photo from the Friday night after-party.

Worked until almost 630 on Monday night. There were icicles on my car door. Thanks to Presidents Day the traffic was light – made great time on the way home. Ceil had gone to the Dekalb Farmers Market. She cooked stir fry chicken. Didn't do too much else.

Whenever I woke up Monday night I would check the temperature. At 3 am it was 36 degrees, so at 6 am I got up and came to work. I was getting emergency calls from work, which slowed down my trip in. Roads were most dry and very little traffic. Didn't see ice on the trees until I got to work. Several coworkers dragged in late. Some had no power and some had branches down. My boss is sick and this weekend he broke his hand. Our Richmond office was closed so I had to check on an order for one of their customers.

Today C had a doctors appointment and Anna had an orthodontists appointments today. I've spent most of the afternoon working on health insurance claims.

One of those sports websites listed their top five Tech running backs. It was obviously a kid in his 20's making the list. But actually Tech hasn't had very many great running backs.

5. 3699 28 Jerry Mays
4. 3517 22 Eddie Lee Ivery
3. 3226 36 Jonathan Dwyer
2. 0000 00 Clint Castleberry
1. 4066 46 Robert Lavette

Ivey was better than Dwyer and Lavette. Mays was like Robbie Godhigh – a small kid who got by on desire. There were a few other flash in the pans like Anthony Allen and Tony Perkins, who gained all those yards in the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise. And that guy that played for the Cowboys that I never liked.

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