Sunday, February 08, 2015

One Man's Uni Ranking

Dave Tobener tackles the impossible task of ranking the MLB uniforms on The Outside Corner website. It’s just one more list where the author lets his personal team preference override which actually looks best. He downgrades one team for having too many alternates then praises another team for the same thing. Granted it is a tough task to take into account all current home/road/alt unis in an overall ranking, especially since some alts are worn weekly and others once or twice a season. Judging a team solely on it’s alternate disregards the more important main home uniform.   

In general I think most MLB unis are nice, except for some garish alternates – particulary the camo and the Braves rarely worn red with stars. Throwback alts are the best. Just because a team has worn a uni for a long time doesn’t make that uni good looking – like the White Sox or Brewers. How can the ugly Reds and Nationals rank ahead of Atlanta?

His rank with his comments in parenthesis followed by my comment, from worst to first.

30. Padres “bland” Bring back brown.
29. Astros “redesign gone wrong” True.
28. Diamondbacks “forgettable” I like the snake D.
27. Rays “generic/sterile” Still nicer than others.
26. Indians ”inconsistent look” Creams are nice.
25. Brewers “ball & glove is best” Agreed.
24. Rangers “complicated lettering”
23. Twins “sterile” Better than previous uni.
22. Rockies “unchanged is good but need change” Huh?
21. Mets “nice home/road” Then why so low?
20. Marlins “uniquely Miami” Perhaps so.
19. Braves “too many alts” Should be ranked much higher
18. Mariners “uni overkill” Not that bad.
17. Nationals “room for improvement” Should be ranked worse.
16. Reds “classic” – not the numbers. Should be ranked worse.
15. Angels “alt not great”
14. Royals “good not outstanding, plain”
13. Athletics “green alt misses mark”
12. Pirates “black alt just OK, ditch the camo”
11. Tigers “one of the best” Only ranked 11th?
10. Cubs “boring road/classic alt” Worse than Chisox?
9. White Sox “too much black” Ranked too high
8. Dodgers “nothing wrong” Should rank higher.
7. Giants “all versions are nice” Even the orange and black?
6. Blue Jays “one of the best” Others are more classic.
5. Orioles “timeless” Perhaps, but could be better. I dislike the white front caps.
4. Red Sox “red alt doesn’t bring set down” Unlike Atlanta's?
3. Phillies “cream alt fantastic” Unlike Atlanta’s?
2. Yankees “thing of beauty”
1. Cardinals “perfect uniform”

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