Monday, February 09, 2015

Review: The Big Ketch

The Big Ketch was as good as advertised. Nice that they're building one in Roswell. I scanned the menu and didn't see many chicken dished or good salad options. The steak burger looked good: a combination of sirloin and other steaks. My burger patty was big, thick, cooked all the way through with just a hint of pink, and oh so tasty. Just enough diced grilled onions and cheese to enhance the flavor but not overwhelm. Lately I've noticed how an burger's taste  at a nice restaurant can hinge on the quality of the bun. The Big Ketch warmed the bun but didn't overly toast it, so the bread perfectly complimented the meat. I would definitely rank this Big Ketch burger as better than the HF Burger at Turner Field or a Fuddruckers burger.

Just the time together was tons of fun as well. Tell Edie to keep the big news quiet this week. Claire is on Facebook and I'd hate for the news to leak.

Ceil had a great time as well. She is such a homebody and gets worn out ferrying Matthew around and keeping him focused on his homework. But when we started planning the dinner Friday morning she got excited. She loved her coush coush dish. Your fish dinner looked good as well. The hushpuppies were tasty and moist, and the grits good as well.

Ever the worrywart, when I left work Friday at 545 I worried I wouldn't make it to the restaurant on time. I devised one route to take down PIB to Windsor Parkway, then got on 285 west by mistake. Thankfully it was clear. Got on 400 south, which was jammed, so I immediately cut right and exited at the hospitals. Cut over to Roswell Road and made it to Buckhead 15 minutes early. Went inside to secure a table and was reading the menu when I saw coworker Chris Tarquinio. He and his wife left and pulled away in his car. I was escorted to the table they had just vacated just as you guys drove up and parked in the space the Tarquinio's had just vacated. Then not long after y'all were seated Ceil showed up. Pretty good timing.

After dinner Ceil wanted coffee. That's why we left in the same car. She wasn't ready to go home. Drove way down to Octane on the west side, then back up Howell Mill. Then she wanted to go to Barnes & Noble. My back was hurting by then from the long day. Didn't get home until almost ten. Game was over but I watched the highlights.

Twelve hundred people from the Johnson Ferry youth basketball program were at the game, including Danny Downing and Jim and David Watterson. They'd bought the group tickets long before anyone had any idea it would be the game of the year. After the game they got to go out on the court.

Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs. Later I drove Matthew to Alpharetta where we met McKinnon and her mother. He spend the day at their house, skateboarding and baking cookies. While I was out I stopped by two thrift stores (copped a nice Braves T shirt for 88 cents), gassed up the CRV, ate a Chickfila sandwich, bought lights at Hobby Lobby, and returned M's squeaky shoes to J Crew at North Point Mall. When I stopped by the Roswell Hobby Lobby behind the Chickfila I noticed a little consignment store, so I checked it out. Back home Ceil had gone for a walk. Since it was such a nice day I washed and waxed the CRV and Anna's Jeep. The CRV was filthy but Anna has recently washed hers. I worked extra hard on the roof, and the wax should help. Of course it rained Monday morning. Later I picked up M at the Avalon.

Saw where Danny Morris and his quartet sang the national anthem at the Tech basketball game. Connie posted a photo on Facebook and it got a huge response. I listened to the game while running errands.

Sunday I drove down to Macon for my sister's birthday. Ate at Logan's Steakhouse and it was pretty good. I had a big salad with a tasty grilled chicken breast on top. Mom had meatloaf, a baked sweet potato, and steamed broccoli. Nita had a fried chicken salad and rolls. Brad devoured his fried chicken and gravy, side salad, and mashed potatoes. My dad ordered the spicy Nashville chicken sandwich, not knowing it was actually seasoned with fiery buffalo wing sauce. The service was great. The poor waiter patiently got all the numerous special orders correct (water with lemon, water no ice, water with little ice, water with lots of ice, extra ice, lemon on the side, to go cup, sweet potato not cut open, broccoli double steamed, extra rolls, to go box, etc), AND gave us free ice cream and plates to go with the birthday cake we had brought from home.

The drive back was uneventful. A small wreck at the 75/675 interchange had traffic blocked, so I took 675 and 285 around to the east to 400 north. Beat M and C and A home. Watched some of the Grammys. Bad when a legend like Paul McCartney plays backup to Kanye West. Missed Kanye's later theatrics. That right there shows you the difference between those two performers. The Grammys used to be a high-brow event. Now it's gone ghetto. Long gone are the days of dignity and class and humility. One year soon there will be a shooting.

Almost drove by SunTrust Field Thursday night. Every time I drive near there I think about the routes I'll be taking and how parking will be.

Did you read that SI article on the daily fantasy sports industry? Interesting. In a related note, last night Welcome Back Kotter came on so I checked out whatever happened to Gabe Kaplan the comedian. He's trying his hand at professional poker, with limited results.

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