Saturday, January 05, 2008

Back to Work

Didn’t think it was a big deal when they opening up a new Sears just up the street that we’d be going much, but Ceil took Will and Anna up there last night. Anna needs more clothes. Will only got Clemson stuff for Christmas, so I’m sure he’ll need more jeans soon.

Watched a lot of the bowl last night just because I didn’t want to do anything…I had been on the go for days!

Today I’ve eaten a banana and a bagel. Last night we had some good chili. Easier not to eat when I’m working, but it’s too cold to exercise.

My new boss had me running some last minute reports today for his afternoon meeting. Met his new boss Dave today, a bloke who seemed like a nice guy. Last week I stumbled across an old company magazine article…his wife also carried the Olympic Torch.

I mailed out that Christmas letter to a few people and mentioned my blog…just when I haven’t been doing a good job of posting stuff.

The old magazines I got this time included a Bob Horner joins to Cardinals article, photos of Strawberry’s family (now Junior plays at Maryland, right?), and a list of highest paid athletes…Marvin Hagler was first with $15 million.
...Basketball: Kareem was first with $2.5 million
...Baseball: Ozzie Smith $2.34 million (Dale was 9th with 2 million)
...Football: Bo Jackson $1.391 million (plus $537,000 from the Royals)
...Hockey: Gretzky was still with the Oilers and was tops at $948,000

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