Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More on the Moires

Yep, these are some of those iPod shoes. We have two iPods in the family, and Ceil is chomping to get one. I’d have to get the little shoe chip insert …the shoes are just built with the little compartment in the sole where the chip goes.

Like the crazy silver color? Looks like the silver part won’t show dirt, but it’s kinda out there for an old dude like me. I’m worried about the lack of toe room, but the more I wear them, the better they feel (I’ve been wearing them at night when I’m upstairs on the carpet, making sure they feel good enough to keep). Will could always wear them. They do match my Krypto nickmane.

The Hurt’s Super Bowl party is coming up…it’s the one time of year we see our old SPdL crowd. Mark and Leah will be there with their daughters. They live out in Smyrna or Austell, but I think they still drive in to Buckhead Church. Sometimes Bob and Myra show up, and Jim should come, along with some of his kids.

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