Monday, January 14, 2008

Golf Channel Suspension

Had Tiger been white, there probably wouldn’t have been a fuss. As it was, she undoubtedly said it without any thought to race, which is the way things should be. Generally, younger generations are much less prejudiced than older generations. I get emails from Christian groups detailing attacks against Christianity. Sometimes they are slights you might not notice, and most aren’t reported by the media…O’Reilly and Hannity are two that do. I could go on and on…it’s a different world. When bad things happen people wonder why, but the same people celebrate all the violent movies and loosened morality on TV. And spanking…I’d better stop!

Spring training would be fun, except these days my perception is that it’s so crowded, why mess with it. That’s why I like weekday games…there’s not much of a crowd.

Thursday night Ceil had a Bible Study in Buford, so I had to go straight from work to pick up Will at school in Woodstock. If he had remembered his basketball uniform, he could’ve caught a ride to practice. He would’ve enjoyed riding with a friend. Instead I had to take him home, then to Sandy Springs. This is why we put 40,000 miles on our vehicles last year. If we can cut that by 10% we would save over $700.00.

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