Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nike Air Zoom Moire

I got'em...should I return them? Note the toe area...not much room...kinda cramped. And I'm not crazy about all the white area underneath the silver.

But I do need some running shoes...I'm trying to decide if they're comfortable enough. They have the iPod inset space. We'll see.

Monday night the General Manager took me to The Hard Shell, voted the best seafood restaurant in Richmond for five of the last eight years. Located in this nice old historic part of downtown. I’m allergic to most seafood, and looking at the menu on the wall, I didn’t see a single thing I could eat. I found something on the menu, but we both wound up having the special: steak (and key lime pie).


Melissa said...

Are these the shoes that work with your ipod? If so, then you should definitely keep them, because that is just too cool.

Anonymous said...

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