Thursday, January 10, 2008

Viewer Mail

Thanks for the comments, Missy! See...I usually post emails like this.

I did mail the letter, to both the new Head Coach and the Athletic Director. Let you know how it turns out. Back in 2000 I wrote a similar letter to then Coach O’Leary, and added the comment that I worked with his daughter. I later received a response in the mail, saying he disagreed with my uniform comments but agreed that his daughter was a good girl. Funny.

I’m like you about recap letters. I have written one the last few years almost as a writing exercise, to put on the blog. This year and last I sent it to people who send us their Christmas letter, figuring they must be into that kind of thing. This year I mentioned my blog, the first time I’ve actually shared the link. So the pressure's on to produce! Up til now only a handful of friends had stumbled across it.

Something got me thinking about the Mighty Mite days, which was one of my first forays into the SPdL family. Wrote that on the couch while the family was watching a DVD.

Ceil took a bunch of great Christmas pictures, but they’re now on a disk, so I’ve got to work to pull them over to the blog. And now I’m blocked from blogging at work, and my laptop is temporarily not working at home, so I have to email myself to be able to post. Technologically challenged, I am.

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