Monday, September 27, 2010

Am I Next?

My company just let an outside salesman go; I suppose his sales numbers weren’t good enough. He’d been with the company longer than me, and was in his mid-fifties.

They also let one of the “new” inside salespeople go, also probably due to lack of performance. A single mom who had just moved down from Virginia, she had worked hard, but perhaps this wasn’t her cup of tea. Meanwhile, three brand new salespeople have been hired. My desk neighbor Darren is moving over to that growth department, from our contractual group. The changes continue.

Ate at Willys Thursday night, then buzzed Hancock Fabrics, Target, and Gap. Everyone but Will. Van in shop for brakes. Fingers crossed that it won’t be as extensive as Tires Plus was saying.

Still looking halfheartedly for a clunker for Will. There are plenty of Civics out there, but Ceil prefers something bigger. First he needs to finish some insurance paperwork, and have a better attitude around the house. First graduation meeting yesterday…there’s plenty to do for that all year, including an immediate $200.00 fee. Reminds me that the salesman that just got canned has a daughter graduating this year.

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Nita said...

I will give Will my blue Geo Metro. He can fix it up and make it run.