Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept 20: Phils Got More Breaks?

While several things did go the Braves way Monday night, I kept track of some of the breaks the Phillies got…

1. JJ goes down with an injury, and is replaced by a rookie making his MLB debut.

2. Utley turns a phantom double play in the first.

3. McCann just misses a two-run HR in the second.

4. Prado just misses a leaping catch of Ruiz’s line drive RBI double.

5. Howard’s line drive hits the RF foul line for a double, and later scores.

6. Bad call at second on the steal, when Victorino clearly slides nowhere near the base.

7. Heyward can’t catch the tough, knuckling line drive.

8. On steal, McCann’s throw hits off Utley’s leg.

9. Prado’s game-tying HR barely hooks foul. On next pitch he hits into inning-ending DP.

I lost interest after that.

Yes, Minor could’ve been moved up. But I believe what the experts are saying, that for the rest of the season no one game is more important than another. While pitchers won’t confirm this because they want the ball, it’s been proven that pitching on short rest results in less-effective outcomes. This gives the entire pitching staff the best shot at winning these upcoming games.

This is the third straight year the Phillies have been strong in September. Their payroll is twice that of the Braves. It helps to sell out every game…so can some of the blame rest with Braves fans? Granted, the Philadelphia market is much bigger than Atlanta’s. Given these conditions, should Bobby Cox be lauded or jeered? To me, the answer is obvious.

As of Monday night the Braves were down three starters. Their best shot is the wild card.

Still, the Phillies want to clinch before the season-ending series in Atlanta, since they have a losing record at the Ted. Hence they lined up Hammels, Halladay, and Oswalt to pitch this series.

Hilarious moment when the guy in the red bodysuit ran out on the field. TV was determined not to show it, though the announcers were obligated to explain the delay. Funny watching McCann and Werth watching the chase. Then Diaz became a hero to the Philly fans by tripping the rebel, after the stadium employee fell flat on his face chasing the guy.

The Phillies announcers made a good comment: it was a good thing Farnsworth wasn’t pitching at the time!

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