Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Sports

JJ’s out, and I’ve never heard of his fill-in for tonight. DOB likes him, though. For this series the Braves starters have 174 MLB starts. Halladay, Oswalt, and Hammels have combined for 376 major league WINS. And after seeing the Nats were winning, later I couldn’t believe reading on the crawl that Werth hit a walk-off.

It was a baseball/football weekend for me.

…Friday night I watched the Braves, some of the Kansas loss, and Woodstock beating Newman.

…Saturday I saw most of GT’s win, the end of the UGA loss, and some of the GSU game.

…During halftime Matt Stewart interviewed Whisenhunt, there to support his old college coach.

…Then the Braves, and some of the Florida Tennessee game.

…Watched Auburn Clemson over at a friend’s house.

I try to stay away from the Firestone/Goodyear/Wal-Mart type car places, because of all the reports (& actual experiences) of them running up the tab, & getting you to do un-needed work. But there I went on Saturday, taking the van up to Tires Plus for brakes. The guy called me, basically saying it would be over $800.00. He kept talking and talking. Finally I just said not to do anything, that I would pick up the van. THEN he said “well, uh, I could reprice this with, uh, less expensive parts.” Too late. I’ll take it to our regular mechanic in Roswell, during this week.

Saturday I was in and out of the heat, and working around the house. The dust and temperature changes made me sick by Saturday night…sneezing, etc. Slept in on Sunday. Watched the Braves win, and a little of the Falcons. Watched a good chunk of NE/NYJ, and the Colts/Giants pregame. I’ll watch a football game if the uniforms look good.

Mary Clayton had gone to NP with the Hurts, so afterwards my crowd and theirs went to Panera. Like me, I think David passed.

Last night I stayed home, as Anna had to study. C, M, W, and Joel Norman went to Passion City Church. At 6:10 pastor Louie tweeted that his mother had just died, so I wondered who was filling in. My guess was right: Andy. Ceil and Will said he was more laid back that his usual Sunday morning self.

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