Friday, December 03, 2010

Blauser Makes His Move

We re-hired a good baseball loving guy at work. Today he said his 27 year-old daughter was out drinking last night. Someone bought her a drink and came over to talk…Jeff Blauser. She knew who he was, and they talked baseball for a while.

Nice to get Hinske signed…sounds like his teammates are glad. Bowman said McCann was thrilled, and Moylan texted Heyward, on Jason’s birthday. Rowland’s Office took note, but didn’t mention Matt Diaz being non-tendered. Both Bowman and DOB had plenty of nice things to say about Diaz.

Watched some of LeBron’s return to Cleveland.

Wednesday I stopped at BP and got 8 gallons, to receive a card. Five cards equals a $10.00 BP card. The promotion ends March first, and I already have three cards. Household limit is $30.00, so I might have to involve my dad. But twice now I’ve forgotten to use the BP gift cards I have. I paid when I didn’t have to.

Work has been busy. Haven’t written a post like this all week. Didn’t get to leave early again yesterday, since Dialysis was out sick. Ogre must’ve noticed, and said I could leave early today, since the customer is closed.

They’re going to have a biggest loser weight contest here at work, starting January third. I should enter, just for the motivation. They already have 19 signed up. Winner gets $240.00.

C and A are going to a Living Science tea party tonight, for some of my favorite girls. M wants to go with W to the Flight/Crown game, so I may tag along. Hopefully we’ll get up the tree tomorrow. Sunday A has a party, and M has his first game.

M wanted to go to the SEC fanfest at the GWCC, but I can’t find much info on it. Perhaps we’ll go before the ChickfilA Bowl. A rumor has UGA playing FSU.

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