Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Book Corner

I wind up liking most of the books I chose to listen to on CD, but Josh Wolk’s Cabin Pressure was especially entertaining. He was a writer for Entertainment Weekly (I didn’t know this beforehand). Turning 34, he spent the summer before getting married as a counselor at the boy’s camp he’d attended every summer as a kid. Then he spent his college summers working there, and had always ached to return. It wasn’t the same when he returned over ten years later. He details his camp experience, dealing with lifer counselors and the campers’ varying personalities. It was easy for me to relate, having spent my 20’s as a Camp SPdL counselor, along with the past several years chaperoning on the Living Science trips.

December Reading List:

The Dwelling Place, by Elizabeth Musser. A year younger than me, Elizabeth was off at college when I became active at SPdL. Her younger brother has part of the large 10th grade group of students Ceil and I taught for three years in Sunday School. Sang in the adult choir with her older brother, who has season tickets for Tech football and basketball. C and A have read Elizabeth’s books, so I’ll give one a try.

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, by Chuck Klosterman. Nice title, though none of the three are scarcely mentioned in the book. Hilarious look at pop culture by a celebrated Gen-X writer. The essay on his struggles with "born agains" and the "Left Behind" movie made several great points in support of Christianity.

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