Friday, December 17, 2010

Laundry and Laptops

Did six loads of laundry Thursday night, then picked up Will from the Normans. Kara and Alyssa were there watching Psych. Gotta keep tracking everyone so Kevin will keep reading!

Friday we have too much to do. Ceil is in the mood to shop, but she and Will need to be at the Living Science open house at five…so she can leave to make our small group party at seven or so. Anna gets through baby-sitting at 6:30, so she can’t go (but she’s had THREE sleepovers this week!). Matthew has practice / scrimmage from 7-8:20. The party is 1/2 mile away, so Anna and I will hit the party during practice.

Wunderkind Thomas may fix our old Dell PC. Yesterday his work PC died, and he was able to fix it without sending it to Chicago. Ceil’s mom may give us money in January for a new laptop, so we’d have three computers at home, plus my work laptop.

Most of these posts start as emails sent during the day. Thursday I wrote a long email and sent it out. Then I deleted it before making a blog post from it. A good recap of Matthew’s science project presentation, darn it.

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