Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Charles's Mugging

Went to Living Science Monday night for Charles Norman’s mugging, the rite of passage ceremony for boys turning 16. Becky spoke, but brothers Joel and David didn’t. Will may have, before I arrived. Many kids did a great job giving short, funny, and encouraging talks…including Holt, both Hurt girls, and Alyssa’s youngest sister. The dad for one of the other three boys was my friend Matt, from the recent St. Augustine trip. His speech was good, and humorous. I should’ve spoken, but only one adult non-parent spoke, and it would’ve only extended an already long evening.

I’ve been thinking more and more about 2011 goals since Thanksgiving. Hopefully I’ll have time here to get everything set by year end. January looks to be slow as well, as my customer is pushing back startup to the 24th. I’ll have to begin some weekly duties starting tomorrow, but today I’m cleaning up details that had just been stacked up. Should be able to leave at three.

Last December I went to the Operation Christmas Child warehouse in Lawrenceville with Will’s class. Turned out to be a fun evening, mostly if you’re with people you know. The work certainly isn’t hard or overwhelming.

Tuesday morning I submitted my first five BP cards, so my first $10.00 gift card is on the way.

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