Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Jewish Jordan

At work Tuesday “the Jewish Jordan” came up. Remember him? Hotshot high schooler about 15 years ago. Signed with Maryland, but didn’t pan out. I texted Lang, asking if he knew his name. Only took him 15 minutes to answer. Tamir Goodman’s journey after high school is an interesting journey.

Plenty of year-end cleanup. Off Thursday and Friday. Not much else going on. Ceil and the kids return today.

Thursday M has practice, then we go to Cartersville to eat with the Gilberts. My boss is having an angioplasty, and may need a stint. Don’t know what we’re doing New Year’s Eve, or if we’ve been invited to any parties.

Matthew has a game Sunday.

My dad had a cancer scare, but found out yesterday it hadn’t spread. He’s having a tumor removed from his hip next week.

I had read about the move “The King’s Speech”. Colin Firth was on Letterman Tuesday night. The Black Swan looks interesting. Saw the Karate Kid and Going the Distance, which were good.

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