Monday, December 20, 2010

Matthew's Game

Matthew’s Tar Heels outscored their opponent in all four quarters, and cruised to a 30-14 victory Sunday.



Matthew continues to improve, and is becoming increasingly aggressive, especially on defense. He grabbed two defensive rebounds in the second quarter. In the second half he grabbed a loose ball and took off upcourt, dribbling. In the fourth quarter while on defense, he forced one jump-ball, then later he almost had a second.

As usual, Matthew played at least half the game, probably more. The Tar Heels had lost their first two games…the first due to not shooting enough, and the second when many good shots didn’t fall. This week his coaches mentioned shaking up the lineup. Sunday they called it “shock and awe”…starting their five best players.

I ran the scoreboard, while a dad from the other team marked the fouls. He said his son’s team had won a game, that their shots weren’t falling…a true statement. He graduated from Walton High in 1980 with the son of tech AD Doug Weaver. Now his daughter goes to Walton, and is friends with the daughter of the current Tech AD.

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