Friday, December 10, 2010

iBand Link

North Point’s “iBand” continues to make waves. Last night channel 11’s Brenda Wood showed a video on the news, and this morning WSB was talking about it. Here’s the link:

Wren says he’s happy with the team. I’m sure he’s still trying to move KK.

The Ogre took the gang out for Mexican at lunch today…Brad, young Thomas, Dialysis, and me. For a December, I’ve got plenty of work to do

Didn’t get to watch much TV last night. I’ve been tired, having stayed up too late this week. Stayed up past midnight again both Thursday and Friday night, but I had napped some during the evening.

Weekend is all Matthew: He has practice tonight, a Sunday School party Saturday, and a basketball game Sunday. Tonight Anna is going to Lynn Acuff’s son’s soccer game and a movie.

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