Monday, December 13, 2010


Friday night Will took Anna to a sleepover, then hung out at the Normans. After eating Mexican for lunch, of course we had burritos for dinner (& leftovers for Saturday lunch). I took Matthew to basketball practice, so Ceil had a quiet hour at home. Later we discovered the DVD player had broken, so the three of us watched one of Ceil’s favorite shows: “What Not to Wear”.

The old TV we put in the living room armoire for the Wii / DVD/ VCR died a few months ago, so I was planning on getting a new one between now and just after New Years. Guess I’ll look for a DVD player as well.

Followed my normal Saturday morning routine of cleaning upstairs. Took Matthew to a Sunday School party in Alpharetta, then picked up Anna from her sleepover in Peachtree Corners. She went to see the new Narnia movie late Friday, then Induction on video Saturday. Watched some Army / Navy football before going back to get Matthew. Saturday night we watched the Heisman presentation.

Will had an interesting Saturday night. Mary-Clayton’s father picked him up at 4:30 pm, and they drove to Rock Eagle in east Georgia, near Eatonton. MC was singing at a 4H gathering there. Afterward her dad returned to Cartersville. I met them at the Roswell ChickfilA just before 1 am. MC’s friend Elin and older sister Anna were also on the late-night trip.

Sunday Andy reported that the iBand video had over 500,000 hits on YouTube. Monday he tweeted that Apple CEO Paul Allen had sent the link to all his Twitter followers. Saw Will’s friend Kevin at NP…he was reading my blog before the 11 am service. Ate at El Porton on the way home from NP, just Ceil and Matthew and me. Watched some Falcons. Sunday night Matthew and Anna were working on school projects.

Will got his hair cut Sat AM, and I got mine cut today.

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