Monday, December 13, 2010

More on Cam Newton

After publishing the post last Friday slamming Cam Newton, I realized he led the nation in passing this year. But its Newton’s great running opens up the passing lanes. In 2009 Josh Nesbitt led the ACC in passing, and he can’t hit the broad side of a barn. In warm-ups.

It goes without saying that Newton is way better than Nesbitt…and Tebow. He certainly deserved the Heisman trophy. But NFL teams rarely want a $75 million QB to run. Leading the NCAA in passing efficiency means little to the NFL. They want quarterbacks who can make all the throws, learn and run a sophisticated offense, and work within the parameters of the team.

Watching the Heisman presentation, I was impressed by the humility of the other three finalists. It’s great that Newton has the big smile and personality, but the players I like most direct the attention to the team, and not themselves.

Newton also needs to learn how to finish a speech, and not ramble. War Eagle? Had Chris Fowler not mentioned Pat Sullivan, the Heisman-winning Auburn QB standing behind Newton (and current head coach at an Alabama college), Cam would’ve ignored him.

Perhaps I’m expecting too much from a coddled athlete in his first year in the spotlight. Players and coaches say he’s a hard worker. If so, why wasn’t he included in the “student-of-the-game” segment with the other two QB’s?

I am a fan of the player who makes the most of his ability, who keeps his nose clean. Cam Newton is a great athlete. Can he stay out of trouble? Can he become an elite NFL quarterback? BEFORE he turns 30?

So I don’t like Cam Newton. Many hated Tiger, even before his fall. Or Derek Jeter. These guys I like. Perhaps I’ll list the players I like and dislike!


The Falcons last four games are against the lowly Panthers (twice), Seahawks (who got killed yesterday by SF, who has a losing record), and the Saints. Even if they lose to the Saints, the only way the Falcons lose another would be if they rest starters, which has been proven to not be a good strategy. The “expert” who predicted they’d close out 2-2 must want their pre-season pick (Eagles, Giants, Saints, or Cowboys) to look better.

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