Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Phillies = NL Yankees

Cliff Lee to the Phillies is not good news. They’re becoming the Yankees of the NL. But like the Yankees, collecting all the great players is no guarantee. This year we gave them a run for the division until we succumbed to all the injuries.

I saw bits of the SMU 30 on 30, and hope to see the whole thing soon. The Pony Express was something, as I recall. Dickerson was out of this world, and looked it. Interesting that he finished up with the Falcons, where he seemed like a cool guy. I liked Craig James because he was a good white running back, then he wasn’t that great as a pro. Now I’m not a huge fan of him as a broadcaster. In those days there weren’t as many games on TV, unlike today. Of course, I liked the SMU uniforms. Glad they kept the same ones when they came back from the death penalty.

I watched that 30 on 30 about Marcus Dupree a few times.

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