Monday, December 20, 2010

North Point's Informational "Slides"

Before every North Point service begins, informational “slides” are projected onto the screens. Most are the same announcements published in the bulletin.

The Rainman in me counts these slides every week, and I thought it would be nerdy to publish the count as a Facebook status. Kevin, Haley, and Margaret “liked” the status, and Lynn has often commented on it.

Most large churches have many announcements to make. Johnson Ferry’s bulletin is almost a book: several pages printed in small print. I rarely read the NP bulletin, which seems to be designed for newcomers. Instead I marvel at the artwork, and use it to save seats. Sunday there were 17 announcements in the 8 x 12” bulletin, plus a welcome note and tear-off prayer request tab. I’m thankful NP doesn’t take the time during the service to talk about all of them.

Sunday I took note of what all the slides were. There were a record 24, due to several seasonal and one-time messages. As usual, the NP “sermon series” logo slide ran twice during the loop…almost never exactly at the halfway point. Those denoted with a (B) were also in the bulletin, and those marked with a (P) were announced during the service from the stage.

1. NP sermon series “The Thrill of Hope”

2. Today’s Bible verse

3. No service on Dec 26 (B) (P)…seasonal

4. Scoot to center of aisle (P)…seasonal

5. Career networking group (B)

6. Night of Worship Dec 22 (B) (P)…seasonal

7. NP Christmas CD for sale (B) (P)…seasonal

8. Starting Point meets after service (B) (P)

9. KidStuf meets January 9 (B)

10. NP sermon series “The Thrill of Hope” (repeat)

11. music copyright # 1

12. music copyright # 2

13. music copyright # 3 (usually there’s only two!)

14. turn cell phone ON…after service

15. first time visitor CD available (B)

16. Hope Ministers available after service (B)

17. NP online Christmas message (B) (P) seasonal

18. year-end giving info (B) (P)…seasonal

19. global-X mission trips

20. “Next” informational meeting (B)

21. Singles group meeting info

22. Andy’s new book on sale (B) (P)

23. bridge opened today (P)…one time

24. update on giving for bridge

A word on the musical copyright slides: These are interesting, as you can see when a particular NP artist wrote the song. it shows how current all the NP music really is. And you get advance notice that there’s going to be a special number performed to kick-off the service, like Sunday’s “Santa Came Down to Georgia” remix.

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