Monday, December 13, 2010

Matthew's Second Game

Matthew and his Tar Heels showed great improvement, but lost their second game 29-23. Down 16-8 at the half, the Heels battled back, outscoring the Longhorns 15-13 in the last two quarters. In the last minute of the game they scored to cut the lead to just four points, before the Longhorns scored on last basket in the final seconds ticked down. The Heels were getting off more shots, many of which just missed going in.

After starting last week, Matthew played the second half of each quarter. After entering the game halfway through the first quarter, the ball was passed to Matthew the second time they had the ball. He turned to shoot, but was fouled. He went to the foul line for two shots, but missed both.

Just before halftime the taller Longhorns kept shooting and rebounding. Finally Matthew grabbed the rebound, just before the buzzer sounded. He also grabbed a loose ball in the second half, and played even better defense than the first game.

Next Sunday they play at 1:15 pm.

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