Sunday, March 20, 2011

If the Phils Could Catch

As a home-school team, Crown often encounters teams they greatly outmatch. Saturday was one of those days. In tiny Rossville Georgia, the Phillies lost several fine players to graduation last year. Saturday their outfield couldn’t catch a routine fly ball.


Crown one-hit the Phils 27-0, scoring in all five innings. In the fourth the Knights batted around TWICE and scored 15 runs. Safely up 23-0, Crown inserted players off the bench.


After the game the players munched sandwiches and cookies. As we chatted, I wondered how different the game would’ve been had Rossville been able to field the ball…say, as well as Crown. Since I made these very notes as I scored the game, here’s what would've happened:


FIRST (no change)

Will homers to center.

Michael hits a hard grounder off the pitcher’s glove. SS scoops it up, but makes a bad throw to first.

Jordan grounds into a 1-6 force play.

Braeden lines out to center.



Tanner hits a fly ball to left center. Either the leftfielder or centerfielder could have easily caught the ball. In this re-creation, this is the first out.

Nick hits a foul pop into the sun. In the stands we can’t see it, and it strikes Nathan’s mom in the hip. He then dribbles one a foot in front of the plate. The catcher throws the ball into right field. Should’ve been out number two.

Russell strokes a single into left.

Ray’s double would’ve been a mere single off an equally-talented opponent.

Franklin’s short pop to center would’ve been out number three.

Still 1-0 Knights (in real life they scored seven).



Will lined a one-hopper deep in the hole. The SS speared the ball and immediately threw to third. Would he have been able to instead make the long throw to first? Official scorer Chris Maiocco ruled it a hit.

Michael hits a fly ball to right, that should’ve been caught for the first out.

Jordan grounds to third, forcing Will at second.

Braeden strokes a two-out single to left.

Tanner flies out to center, ending the scoreless inning.



Nick pops out to the third-baseman.

Russell hits a pop fly to left, that should’ve been caught.

Ray pops out to the third-baseman, in foul territory.



Franklin is HBP.

Will hits a line drive to deep right-center. I expect the ball to carry more, and bound to the fence. Instead the ball dies in the grass, and the outfielder holds Will to a double. Franklin scores.

Michael lines out to first, and picked off second.

Jordan hits a fly ball to right. Perhaps it wouldn’t have been caught. Single.

Braden walks.

Tanner hits into a 5-4 force play, ending the inning.

Crown leads, 2-0.



Nick walks.

Russell singles to center.

Ray walks, loading the bases.

Franklin walks, “driving in” Nick.

Will singles to right. Russell and Ray score, Franklin to third.

Michael walks, loading the bases.

Jordan singles to center, driving in Franklin and Will.

Braden hits a fly ball into the leftfielder’s glove. This time, he holds on.

Tanner walks, to load the bases.

Nick walks, “driving in” Michael.

Russell hits a fly to left. This time it’s caught, but Jordan scores from third.

Ray singles to center. Bases loaded.

Franklin singles to center, driving in Tanner.

Up 9-0, Coach Rosemond holds Nick at third. Bases still loaded.

Ian, batting for Will, strokes a single to right, driving in Nick and Ray.

Sam, batting for Michael, pops out to first.

Crown leads 11-0.



Jake, batting for Jordan, grounds out to third.

Adam, batting for Braeden, strikes out.

Tanner singles to left.

Patrick, batting for Nick, is HBP.

Russell singles to center, loading the bases.

Ray lines out to left, ending the inning.


Crown wins 11-0. Much tamer than 27-0.

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