Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Millhouse and Lightning Bug

I’m paying more attention as I read Lang’s book. Some things (like dates) I’m not super sure of, like which years Blauser did well. I wasn’t aware of about a quarter of the information about Lang. In the middle section he listed all the players that played for Cox. Most of the stories were good, like them Millhouse and Lightningbug. I still have a few chapters to go.

This proves I can read while I’m at home. I just feel like I should be cleaning or ironing or folding laundry. Usually I’m just watching TV or surfing the internet. “War of the Worlds” isn’t holding my attention, but I think it’s getting better.

Had an actual comment on my blog yesterday, regarding last month’s rundown of thrift stores I frequent. “Michelle” thought it a rip-off that publicized sale tags didn’t exist. She’s right.

I’ll watch the Fab Five show on ESPN eventually. That would be a good one for Will and DJ to watch. DJ and Connor are out in Springfield Missouri for the national homeschool tourney. Last night they blew out the first team they played.

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