Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chepes Disappoints Again

It’s hard to mess up Mexican food. I’ve been to many Mexican restaurants, and they’re pretty much the same to me. Salsa varies in hotness and consistency, but I’m good with the rest. But for the second straight time, Chepes failed to deliver.

Like its sister in East Cobb, the Chepes in Cumming was teeming with customers, particularly for a chilly Tuesday night. Diners of every age group: families, couples young and old, teenagers, children. Service wasn’t super quick, perhaps due to the three Happy Birthday songs sung while we waited for our food. Same two kinds of salsa: regular red (few chunks, little zest) and brown (tasted like an ash tray to me, but other table requested more). As before, the chips were greasy. Our first basket was filled with tiny pieces.

The service was very attentive, but the burritos, chalupa, and enchiladas were unspectacular. What was particularly bad was the “corn” enchilada casing…hardly edible!

Why do crowds keep coming? Surely they weren’t ALL like us, cashing in the BOGO. At El Porton, Ceil and I usually share one combination plate. She drinks water, though I spring for a Diet Coke. The Chepes coupon gives us twice as much food for the additional cost of a Coke for Ceil. I really don’t eat more, I just have leftovers for lunch (or the kids devour it, like last night).

But after two disappointments, it’s doubtful we’ll be returning to Chepes. The coupons don’t help. Too many better choices for Mexican.

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