Friday, February 25, 2011

Ranking Fast Food Restaurants

By category, ranked best to worst…

CHICKFILA…great service and hot, tasty food makes the higher prices well worth it. Plenty of coupons.

KFC…higher prices, smaller portions, slower service, dirtier/older facilities.

FUDDRUCKERS…bigger, better burger and bun. Great fries, rings, and salads. Plenty of condiments and fixins. Worth the money.

FIVE GUYS…not as good as Fuddruckers.

WENDYS…usually hot and fresh. Nice value menu. Plenty of options.

THE VARSITY…more for the atmosphere.

MCDONALDS…quality, portions, service, and cleanliness have fallen dramatically over the years.

BURGER KING…whopper isn’t that bad, but value menu options are limited.

HARDEES…loaded burgers are more expensive and less healthy.

KRYSTAL…smaller portions at the same regular prices.

PAPAJOHNS…good, cheap pizza.

PIZZA HUT…more expensive, perhaps a little better.

DOMINOS…like Pizza Hut, trying to stay in the game.

CICIS…low quality, but lots of it. Appealing, but regretful afterward.

LITTLE CEASARS…low quality, but cheap and quick. See CiCi’s.

STEVIE B’S…macaroni & cheese pizza? Baked potato pizza? Ice cream machine usually broken.

MOES…I like the Moe’s salsa best. We went there so much we grew tired of it.

WILLYS…salsa not as good, but the Coke machine makes it worthwhile.

JALISCO…usually crowded, but closer and more reasonable than…

NUEVO LAREDO CATINA…the cool place to eat means a longer wait. Higher prices and the longer drive make for plenty of hassles. Is the food really THAT good?

EL PORTON…close by and good food

TACO BELL…cheap and quick

CHEPES…coupons may keep it in the game. Greasy chips, forgetful salsa.

PAPASITOS…usually loud and crowded, not worth the effort.

THE BRIDGE…small and cramped, food not as great as they boast.

CHIPOTLE…my family loves it, but the spices and salsa turn me off. And chips are extra!

ARBYS…high priced, unless you use the free coupon on the receipt.

COSTCO…cheap pizza, hot dogs, and Cokes.

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