Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Facebook: In Decline?

After the initial craze, it appears the Facebook fad has gotten old for many adults. I do still have several friends who seem to be on it all the time. It’s been an interesting way to get to know what people are like. Will’s Coach Henry’s wife (teammate David & Willie) is hilarious. FB also makes it easy to observe what’s going on with the high school students who’ve asked me to be friends, and to see what the kids get involved in when they’ve gone on to college. Guess that makes me a “creeper”.

I’ve gotten into the bad habit of playing FB Family Feud every day. I agree with my friend Mrs. Kellar, who thinks of FF like working puzzles, to keep the mind nimble as we age. FF means I’m not really looking at the regular FB posts as much. I’m only posting things when I think up something funny. This comes in spurts, and often gets posted from my phone.

I just went through a phase of friending several Atlanta media types: Jerome Jurinivich, Fred Hickman, Ron Gant, Chuck Oliver, Wes Durham, Vicki Locke, etc. Glenn Burns posted helpful weather updates during the snowstorm, but most celebrities just use FB as a place for fans to be their friends, and never post anything.

FB has been great to be able to track down a few people I’d always wondered what happened to, that had dropped out of sight. Most seem to be living happy lives, but like you said, others haven’t aged as well.

Some use FB to boast about their wonderful lives, or their kid’s accomplishments. Guess it goes with their personalities. Call me out if I’m ever obnoxious!

Will is more focused with the here and now than college right now, though he’s figured out he needs to get going. He wants to go somewhere small and local at first, then go from there. Don’t know how much influence Ceil has had on him in that regard, or his friends. At first he was talking about Perimeter in Dunwoody. DJ went there this year, but I think he’s going to Tech next year. Now he’s talking about Kennesaw, where he applied.

He came up with Physical Therapy as a major. His old UpStreet group leader is a doctor, who said that down the line Will could intern with him for a summer. Will has mentioned High Point, though we couldn’t afford anything private or out of state.

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